Reflection week 13: 21 – 27

This is the final week before half term and I am continuing on my evaluation for my project and the questions that need to be answered. From this I am working on the different formats to answer these questions and present my evaluation.  I have decided to do one question written up. One of the questions is a Powerpoint. Two are video styled one being me talking in front of a camera and another being a director’s commentary. One question as an audio recording and the final one as a spider diagram on spiderscribe. These are to help make my blog more creative throughout all aspects of the project and  not just my product. This process will hopefully be finished after the next week on the Monday back to college.

Complications when moving country

When moving to a new country there are a lot of problems or issues that can come up for the person. Here are a few points on any complications that can occur

  • Housing problems

When moving to somewhere new there is always the issue of having a place to stay. There can be an issue of having an affordable place to stay especially if you are not used to the currency rate of the country. Also some houses could be in bad conditions and have many problems like leaky water pipes or crumbling walls.

  • Weather conditions

It can be hard for people to adjust to the weather of a different country especially if some people have sensitive skin to certain weather conditions. With this it may be tedious at first for people to adjust and feel comfortable unless the weather condition is similar to their home country.

  • Fining new social groups

When moving country you risk leaving you old friends and social groups behind. This can make people feel isolated and alone unless they find new friends and open up to people.

  • Making money

Earning money when in a new country is difficult because you would have to find a job immediately. This can be difficult to find a decent job that can pay well when you don’t know much about the country and specifically the town.

All these points were found from this source

Research and Planning usefulness

The Five by Five case study helped me with shots and seeing what a London based story is like for a short film. It is helped me with the different technical aspects and of how a short story is made. Even if these were not specified to the type of film I wanted to make they still were about the project topic which was layer of London.

The audio recorded interviews I did with my target audience was useful to know about the past experiences of those who came to London. With this information I gathered from my target audience I was able to create a script based on real-life experiences making it more relatable to my target audience.

The contextual research helped me with theories and learning more about my topic so that I had a good understanding of what people new to London or any country first go through and how difficult it may be for them. This has also helped me build ideas for my script by finding relevant ideas of the complications that can occur when in a new country or town.

My storyboard was a guide for the different shots I was going to have in my short film and also a guide for completing my script. The storyboard had shots for each scene and were used appropriately to help tell the story.  Even if some shots were not the used the storyboard was still a useful guide in the production process of the short film.

My script was the main source of dialogue shots and transitions that was used as a guide to make the short film. The script of course was the only way for my actors to know their lines.

The call sheets helped with timing shoots and making sure that the actors were there on time and the equipment was available for that time to be used for the shoot/session.

The production schedule is a guideline for the estimated time for my entire project and when I am expected to finish everything. It was helpful as a guideline to keep track of where I am at.

The recce and risk assessment was helpful to knowing the hazards that could occur on set or any tedious obstacles that can happen such as noise levels and annoying people in the shot. The recce was also useful to have a shot of the sets for the scenes to have brief look of what they will be like.