This story is about a boy named Zack who moves to London and begins his new life there. Here we will see Zack’s initial experience of London and how he coups with the new surroundings and atmosphere. This film will have locations in London and a college environment

Genre: short film – Drama

Duration: 5 minutes

Audience: 14-19 years of age

There will be no ethnical issues this video will not discriminate.

Actor: Leigham, Jonathan & Mantas

Crew: Ricardo Norville



  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Shoulder rig
  • Microphone
  • Recorder
  • PC
  • Mac

Reflection Week 8: 16 – 22

This week the cover video that i helped record and edit for a music student was uploaded to YouTube on Monday and i have now used the simple technical aspects i used as research for my final project. This not only helps for research on my skills and if i want to add these technical aspects in my short film but it is also a means to show me where i am at on these skills and what i may need to experiment with. I have also finished my script ready to film. however due to no cameras being available on the weekend i have to start filming next week.

Joseph Robinson – Your Love Is My Love (Whitney Houston Cover)

This a cover made by my friend Joseph who is a music student at Leyton sixth-form college. The reason i have used this a part of my research is because i helped film and edit the video. This is for technical analysis of the simple fade i used for the video and music and the process of syncing up the premade track joseph gave me with the visual. This is only a basic edit however it has still heloped me think of camera placement for videos.

Reflection Week 7: 9 – 15

This week i finished my storyboard an am now using as a guideline to complete my script. Now i am working on my script along with the other pre-production documents still needed. Once i complete my script my idea will be completed to the fullest and i will start filming to save time due to timetable restraints with my actor. I know it is difficult to film with a performing arts student during college time because of lesson clashes and the fact that i still have unwanted lessons taking up time. However i do not plan to change actor i want to show that i can cast people outside of my class for my films and i believe a performing arts student is best suited for acting because performing is what they do. I will work out suitable times to film my short film during the week.

Reflection Week 6: 2 – 8

Through this week i focused on my pre-production for my final project. this had included aspects such as script, call sheet, recce and more. With this i started to think of cast that would be involved in my short film. This was a little difficult due to me not fully developing my idea so i had trouble thinking what the main character would be like. However i started my pre-production and used other examples done from previous projects to help me complete my pre-production documents. Even Though i am now focusing on pre-production that doesn’t mean that i should not note down anymore research i find and add it to my blog. As i go along anything else that i find out will also be added.